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Our Interview Master Deck offers an alternative and a handy solution.

The whole idea of TIM Deck is to help make a great first impression. From my career coaching experience, I know that interviews can be aced only when the candidate feels comfortable and believes in their ability to answer questions thoroughly and with no hesitation.

Most employers want to hire people who can not only do a job but who can also communicate well and who can confidently articulate their value and potential.

Researching and preparing for the job interview on the internet often results in unwanted distractions. In contrast, the positive results can be achieved by spending time with these common interview questions, verbalising them, recording the answers and listening how we sound (or getting the third party feedback on the way we come across).

TIM Deck helps people get ready for their next career move.


Like millions of other ideas, the concept had been sitting in the back of my head since late 2018, and probably it still would be there if not a few important events that happened in the first half of 2020.

Professional Coaching and running my own business were key parts of my life for nearly five years while working full-time and studying part-time simultaneously.

At the beginning of this year, I had a conversation about The Interview Master Deck with my friend, Jacob, who was incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about this project. I must add that we live on two different continents, in two different time zones and we have never met in person! In February 2020, I was given an excellent opportunity to work as a Training and Quality Lead that complimented my coaching services wonderfully.

So, life and career were pretty awesome then.

But March 2020 brought COVID19 around, our work project was cancelled, and my team and I were laid off from our jobs. I could not meet many of my coaching clients in person as well, but luckily, we could carry on remotely.

Disappear, fear, disappointment, anger, and disbelief to what is happening on the planet Earth did not leave me since. Every week is bringing worse news, and seeing so many in a less fortunate position than me encouraged me to focus my mind and energy on supporting as many people as possible.

Because we are all in this together.

I quickly learned that with so many layoffs on a global scale, I would not be able to help most, and the idea from the back of my head must materialise fast!

So, the Kickstarter project was created, and I could not believe my eyes! Ninety-nine incredible people around the world made The Interview Master Deck a big success! THANKS to all my backers, this project is now coming to the market, and the first shipments commences in August 2020. All my supporters are the first in line to receive their copy.

Extra thanks to people who were cheering me up during pandemic and worked on TIM Deck with me: Jacob, Patrick, Justin and Magda. You guys are truly amazing!

This is OUR global story,

Aggie/Your Coach

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The Interview Master Deck

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The Interview Master Deck is a physical deck of 52 cards that can be played solo or with a partner/mentor/coach/teacher, and it does not require anything else to work. It contains the 48 most common/general interview questions that every conversation starts from and four additional cards with instructions on how to use them.
The cost of International Shipping is already included in the price.